Thoughts from a Farmer on COVID-19

Insights on Food Security

The stock market crashes; We keep growing your food.
Coronavirus triggers city lockdowns; We keep growing your food.
You are working from home with your kids running around screaming; We keep growing your food.

Let’s talk about food security.

Food Security: The state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.” – Oxford Dictionary

With drastically changed buying behavior due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve gained a fairly rattling insight into the fragility of our food and distribution system. We may well experience further instability in the future as governments seek to slow the spread of the pandemic.

Food Security is more than a buzz word to us. It’s deeply ingrained in our purpose: Growing healthy soil, healthy food and healthy community. Food security is the lettuce we already have growing in our greenhouses. It’s our community who make it possible for us to grow food and deliver it to your door with just six full time staff and a handful of volunteers. It’s the nerdy and earthly ways we nourish our soil so we can then give you the most nutritious food possible. Food Security is a Local Farm.

Regardless of the headlines over these last few months, every day, we get up at 4:30am. We rise with our farm and carefully tend the hundreds of tender little plants that in a few months will be food for you, our community. As this unfolds we will continue work the fields, and we will keep growing your food.

These are uncertain times. Here’s what we’ve done to minimize the uncertainty for our farm so far:

  • We’ve ordered all of our seeds and field supplies to be able to grow a years worth of food for 200 CSA families as well as our farm stand, markets and restaurants
  • We have ample supplies of sanitation liquids, masks, protective gloves and other equipment
  • Our wash station is built to restaurant standards and we have increased all on farm sanitation standards

But this is also a time for honesty and transparency. We do have a few risks we aren’t able to control:

  • Mother Nature
  • Having enough healthy staff. Without healthy staff, we will struggle to get the growing mountain of work done. If you are interested in joining our Workshare program, email us:
  • How our community rallies to support local agriculture

This last point is where we need your help. Now is the time to invest in your food access. In food that doesn’t rely on extensive, just-in-time supply chains.

  1. Learn to grow your own food. Try out even just a few lettuce plants and a zucchini this year if you are getting started. For those without their own soil to plant in, grow micro-greens and herbs in your kitchen. #victorygardenthrowback – look for our upcoming educational workshops for guidance.
  2. Continue supporting your local, family farm It’s a lot to grow all of your own food. Thankfully you have farmers who can help supply your family’s food.

Fear has no place here. Now is not a time to hide. Yes, it may be a time to be physically separate. But it’s also the time to stand up and act on what we believe in: Nourishing true human connections and a supportive community. Spending our money on things we truly care about and will have positive impacts on our future. Together, we stand.